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Electric Wine Battery Opener Corkscrew With Foil Cutter

Best Easy Bottle Opener.

Take the stress out of entertaining and keep the cork out of wine with this convenient electric wine bottle opener, you can easily open any bottle of wine with a simple touch. Designed for all traditional wine bottles, this sleek wireless device easily opens a bottle of wine in seconds, with fast, effortless cork stoppers, allowing you to spend less time struggling with wine and more time with you Guests enjoy together.

Whether it’s a relaxing day in the office, a private dinner or a festive party, the Cabato electric wine bottle opener makes it easy to start the evening in a sophisticated style

The date indicator on the wine stopper helps to track the freshness of the wine, so enjoy a variety of wines at the same time without worrying about the deterioration of the remaining wines.

Built-in rechargeable battery, electric wine bottle opener opens up to 80 bottles on a single charge. Simple push button operation. The Cabato Wine Opener has the power to remove a tough cork without causing breakage. Sleek sophisticated design.

Gentleman elegant open wind bottle method instead of sweating open wind bottle method, simple button operation, more effortless open a wine bottle in seconds.


How to Operate:

  • Before removing the cork, place the foil cutter on top of a bottle of wine and press inward and twist to cut and remove the wine bottle seal.
  • Place it on top of the wine bottle, making sure it remains in an upright position and not at an angle to the bottle.
  • Press the button above to release the cork from the drill.
  • Once the corkscrew has stalled/stopped, lift the automatic wine opener upwards away from the bottle. The cork is now removed from the wine bottle.
  • Remove the cork from the wine opener by pressing the upper part of the button–the corkscrew turns in the opposite direction to release the cork.!


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(A Verified Purchase) Says:

These are good, sturdy and well, handy! They do what is described and are very convenient. You don’t have to go looking about the drawer for your measuring spoons and I very much appreciate the wet/dry choice on each one. Good deal, hold up well to the dishwasher and hard water!

Latin Mass Lover

(A Verified Purchase)

Absolutely love that these are magnetic and won’t get lost or separated when tossed in the drawer! They are longer than a typical measuring spoon because they are double ended, as you can see in my picture on the bottom left.



(A Verified Purchase)

Love these. The magnets are strong

Electric Wine Opener with Charger Black Edition

Wine Opener with Charger (Black Edition)

Uncle Viner electric wine opener makes bottle opening easy and fast, Just 7 seconds and here it is! You can enjoy a glass of wine in a great company. High-quality materials and that’s why 70-80 bottles can be uncorked in one full charge.Uncle Viner wine opener is a rechargeable tool so you don’t have to buy new batteries all the time.


This uncle Viner wine opener has aluminum body. Other accessories are made of high quality plastic. The part that opens the bottle is made of high quality steel. Also we provide NiMg batteries to this set. Usually it can open up to 80 bottles after the battery is fully charged charger, batteries and manual are included in the set. Batteries in the set are rechargeable and you can use it many times. Alsow the charger included in the set for your convenience

Input voltage of charger 110-240V. So you can use it almost in every electric net standard. the charger works with all batteries AA-size that can be charged

stainless steel




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(A Verified Purchase)

 I got this from my boyfriend who is probably sick of helping me open my wine lol! This was smooth opening and to get the cork out just hit the reverse button and out with no problem!!! Seriously the best wine opener period! Comes with the cap opener l,a air sealing stopper, a pouring spout, batteries and plug! It’s light weight and just looks sexy! Best gift for this wine loving mom!
I have the rabbit opener and it was always a pain to get the cork off the opener after… I’m definitely not using that one anymore!!! I would 100 percent recommend this to all my girlfriends!!!



Julia K.

( A Verified Purchase)

This is lifesaving gift, when you need to buy something for people who seems to be have everything! I tried to play around my friend’s hobby but I don’t know enough to find something really needed. One thing I am really sure: they love wine, and they don’t have such opener. Can’t wait to see them and make this gift!
I opened amazon package and had a chance to open the box with this gadget. No chance to try how it works, everything is packed in sealed plastic (great!), but I feel like I love this kit. And, you know, not the opener by itself, but these set – with the cutter, pourer and wine stopper. This little things makes every step of preparing vine bottle so comfortable!

Electric Wine Bottle Opener (Cordless Automatic Wine Opener with Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Vacuum Stopper)

Best Easy Handling Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Electric Wine Opener powered by 4 AA batteries (Not included) So you have to buy batteries. 4 AA batteries powered, just simple filled in the batteries (take out the batteries if leave unused for a long time), then the opener can work. When you start to operate the wine opener, you need to hold the wine bottle in one hand to keep it stable, then press the downwards button to remove the cork. The foil cutter for easily removing seals. It is very comfortable soft-grip handle.

How to use them?
1. Fill in the opener with 4 AA battery;
2. Remove the foil with the foil cutter;
3. Put the wine opener on the top of bottle mouth;
4. Hold the neck of bottle, push downwards button on the opener until the cork was take out;
5. Take the wine opener from wine bottle, and press the upwards button, the cork will be remove out;
6. Plug the aerator wine pouter into bottle, then pour wine;
7. If there is leftover wine, plug the wine stopper into the top, pull an push the top of windpipe to press out the air in the bottle until the top rebound automatically.

This electric wine opener set is packed with a great hard box, wine opener, foil cutter, aerator pourer and vacuum stopper will be Fixedly placed. It looks very luxury and expensive. Very good as a wonderful gift for your partner, wine lovers, friends, and absolutely nice for your leader too.

It works better in this situation than electric wine opener. Also, it depends on the material of corks and its ages.
About the electric wine opener, you can easily open more than 80 bottles a time with the good quality batteries. It will be your good helper for a home party, wedding or other wine celebration.

– If there any quality problems, please let us know freely. We will reply within 24 hours and try our best to solve the issues. Thanks for your support !

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  1. Fetters

(A Verified Purchase)

Bought this as a gift for my daughter. She loves it, says it works great and is fun to use.



(A Verified Purchase)

This is an awesome item to have. A must for your home. Easy to use, quick and painless lol. My daughter loved mine, so I bought her one too.


Eddy H.

( AVerified Purchase)

The only issue is I wish it was a little stronger. It bogs down on some wine… but it still get the job done.

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